The project

Welcome to our chess page. If you want to know what led us to create yet another chess site, then read on. We love the game. We think it is quite amazing because everyone can learn the rules quickly. Getting a good grasp of the basic principles is not that hard either. So, very soon, one can start to play against friends and later, as the chess player grows stronger, can see more and more aspects of the game and its richness. Chess is for everyone and, best of all, it has nothing to do with physical abilities (or disabilities), which is very appealing to us.

When we decided it would be nice to have a chess site, we started from scratch with a very clear idea of what chess players want (a place where it is easy to play) and what they need (smooth and clean user interface without the need to install additional software). To achieve this, we changed the solution and technology several times during development so as to reflect current trends.

You have before you the result of our efforts - a chess site that we created together with our friend Ngoc. A chess site that is meant to serve a broad chess audience and which is very easy and fun to use.

What is more, we decided to truly support people with special needs - to give something back to the community that helped us a great deal in the past. The advertisements that are on the site (and which are kept at a reasonable, unobtrusive level) not only help us cover further development, but should also help support chess events for disabled players.

The team

Jan (claymes)


I have been very passionate about chess since my early twenties. About 10 years ago, together with my best friend Jirka (jirja), we came up with the idea of building a chess server that would do things differently. Our main concerns were about the site. We see the great opportunity the game of chess can provide people with disabilities, the opportunity to communicate, befriend or even compete with "normal" people. This is why we built the site. I hope you like it.

Jirka (jirja)


I like logic games and solving puzzles and have been playing chess since my late teens. When I started studying for a Master’s degree in computer science, I had almost no time to play chess. However, I did not want to give up chess completely and when my friend Jan came up with the idea of creating a chess server (about 10 years ago), I liked it very much and we decided to go for it.

Ngoc (ngocdaothanh)


I play chess casually. As a software engineer, I prefer writing chess programs to playing chess itself.

Special thanks